Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Quality in Life  for our patients and their loved ones.  We will uphold our core values while ensuring the highest level of care through the end of life and support every family through awareness and guidance.  

Core Values  

HHonor and Respect  O Open and Honest Communication  P Promise  E Excellence 

Honor and Respect

Embracing all cultures, religions, and beliefs.  All employees will hold in high regard our patients, their colleagues and supervisors regardless of differences in beliefs, culture or religion.  We will honor each person's individual needs.  We will preserve the dignity of each patient and family through knowledge of their past and care for them as they would want their loved ones cared for.

Open and Honest Communication

Maintaining a nurturing environment through discussion and sharing of ideas.  The community leaders will initiate an open environment to express ideas, suggestions and concerns for every resident, family and employee.  The Anchor of Hope team will work openly and honestly together and with each family to ensure our residents well-being and happiness.


The Anchor of Hope Hospice family promises to support and care for patients and their families throughout their entire journey.  We understand the end of life process and will provide individualized care for each patient.


Ensuring clinical excellence and promoting safety through our standards o practice.

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