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Hospice Care: North Texas (DFW)

Bringing Comfort to Each Day

We believe that hospice is more than end-of-life support. It’s about comfort, compassion, and giving every patient the best possible quality of life.

Hospice care can dramatically reduce the amount of pain and suffering experienced by patients and their loved ones. At Anchor of Hope Hospice, our caring professionals are committed to providing our patients with a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life in the time that is left to ensure a dignified, comfortable, peaceful experience.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is your relationship with your aging parent, your spouse, your children, or your siblings suffering as a result of the caretaker position you have assumed?
  • Is taking care of your aging parent on your own overwhelming your mental and physical health?
  • Can you provide your elderly parent with the level and amount of care they need to be comfortable in their last days?
  • Do you want to spend this most precious remaining time with Mom or Dad doing things you both enjoy rather than “parenting them” to take a bath or eat their supper?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you are not alone and you are in the perfect place to get the help you need.

Schedule a consultation to experience how the compassionate team at Anchor of Hope Hospice can bring comfort and support to you and your loved one.

When Quality of Life Is Most Important

We lovingly serve patients in the Plano, Texas area and all of our services are covered by Medicare with absolutely no out of pocket costs for families.

Why Choose Anchor of Hope…

Promote physical comfort and quality-of-life.

We will keep the family informed and educated.

We will procure and administer all needed medication.

Psychological, spiritual, and emotional support is always available


Anchor of Hope is exactly what the name states. Anchor has been a lifesaver for many, myself included. I appreciate everyone there, caregivers, nurses, the chaplain, every person who takes the time to be true caregivers.

- Mary H.

They are prompt, professional, caring, warm, responsive, loyal, and very well educated in this space. Providing the utmost compassionate care to the patient and family is what matters most and you can genuinely get a feel for that when you work with this team. Trust in Anchor of Hope.

- Tina O.

I just wanted to give my sincere gratitude to the amazing group of people who were there for my father during his final days on Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, You guys helped me through this process and allowed me to be with my father every step of the way. I highly recommend Anchor of Hope Hospice.

- Sylvia M.

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